Understanding the Local Presence

Understanding the Local Presence​ | Local Number

Understanding the Local Presence

Trust is the key to any relationship and healthy communication. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘trust goes both ways. We can easily incorporate this mindset model from our social life into our business if we want to build a trustworthy brand.

Most people are cautious regarding unknown numbers, and with good reason. In the last few years, we have witnessed more frequent cyber attacks, scams, unwanted calls from different telemarketers, etc. Cybercriminals are increasingly adept at finding new ways to trick you into taking your money or getting their hands on a piece of valuable information. Social engineering is on the rise, and the most common victims of these individuals or groups are those we care about most – our moms, dads, and grandparents.

The government is actively working to find the right way to combat these attacks and protect its citizens, especially the elderly, who are most exposed to such scams. Therefore, it is essential to have a recognizable brand and a face that everyone trusts.

Establishing a strong local presence is one of the first steps in this direction. We can use the benefits of a local presence to deepen relationships with our current and potential customers.

What Are Local Numbers, and How Can You Use Them To Expand Your Business' Reach?

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression; if you’re a small business owner, that first impression can make or break your company’s future. If you wish to do business in other cities, the area code in front of your phone number will likely deter many potential customers from answering or calling it.

According to numerous studies, people trust numbers with a local area code more than those without. If you have a local presence, whether you run a call center or are an electrician covering multiple cities, your chances are better.

If you want to expand your business, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to build offices in other places. That is why our team of experts developed a Local number service that allows customers to have multiple numbers in different locations to expand their business reach inexpensively. This option is especially suitable for service industries such as plumbers, electricians, landscape painters, etc.

Local Number Anywhere in the US

Local Number service gives small business owners a chance to have numbers in all of these cities, which will point to a single office number. All mentioned above is highly beneficial for advertising too, or when someone googles for “electrician near me” since an excellent local presence will provide additional reassurance to customers. 

Our service works with any US number – it doesn’t have to be in the same state, and the cost is $9.95/month for the number and the forwarding. 

Additional Tips For Expanding Your Small Business Footprint

The fact that you have a local phone number isn’t the end of the tale. There are numerous more things that can aid in the expansion of a company’s presence. One of them, for example, is the digital footprint. Here are a few things to consider if you want to build a strong local digital presence to help you dominate the market.


  1. Build a website for your business – Businesses are catching up, and the competitive advantage of companies that already have websites is slowly eroding. Don’t fall behind.
  2. Expand digital footprint – A great online presence can help you stay even and get ahead of your competitors. And while you can improve your digital footprint in many ways, optimizing your website – a selling tool entirely under your control – is one of the most crucial. 
  3. Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly – If your website is not mobile-friendly (optimized for mobile displays), you will not rank well on Google. In addition, your visitors will find you less professional with poorly optimized pages. This is something you should put on top of your priority.
  4. Social media channels – Link with your website and spend time and effort to get recognized and visible. Some like to say that if you’re not on social media, you do not even exist.


Expanding your small business to other markets will help you generate significantly more sales, but setting up an office in those areas is an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, some cost-effective solutions will reduce those costs significantly, and one such solution is called Local Numbers. 


The local number of services should not be interpreted as a fake presentation or a trick but as a tool to strengthen your relationship with potential customers, similar to opening a physical office in their city. It’s like you’re saying, “We are here, and we are completely legit! Let’s get the job done!” 


Good customer service and accessibility go a long way. If you want to make a good impression on your clients and gain their trust, remember that they too are someone’s moms, dads, and grandparents.


We are here for any additional questions. Visit our website to learn about Local Numbers and other valuable products, or contact us for more information.

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