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Stop overpaying for your Toll Free Service. Toll Free numbers through your local phone company are historically the most expensive method of securing toll free service.  We offer the same service at great discounts and will route your incoming calls to the number of your choice. Bring your own number or get a new one. Easy automated billing. No contracts, cancel anytime.

* 10% discount for the yearly plan

How it Works

Bring Your Own Number

We can transfer your number to us.
The service transfer will be quick and seamless.

Get a New Number

Choose a new Toll Free number and we will have
you up and running in no time. The process is quick and easy.


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As a business, by having a toll free number, you are inviting your customers to call you free of charge.  There is no charge to the person calling, you are paying for the call.  Your monthly toll free charges cover all calls that are made to your toll free number.  Once you secure a toll free number, you will point it to one of your existing phone numbers and all calls to your toll free number will ring to the phone number of your choice.

We will automatically set you up with access for the entire continental US which is covered is the monthly fee so anyone in the continental US can dial your number.  If you wish to allow calls from Canada,  Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands you can choose these options when placing your order and these calls will be rated on a per minute basis and added to next month’s charges. Canada  $.02 per minute Hawaii:  $.04 per minute Alaska:  $.30 per minute Puerto Rico / US Virgin Islands:  $.02 per minute

We simply port the number from your existing carrier to BBCOMDirect.  There is no interruption in service and the process is seamless.  We will ask for the current address associated with your number and the name of your existing carrier at the time of your order.  This will allow us to process the order and to port the number.  This usually takes anywhere from 2-4 business days.  We will let you know when the port is complete and you can contact us anytime with questions.

You can choose a new toll free number from the list on our site and let us know which phone number you would like to point that to.  This will become active in one business day.  We will give you call on your new number to let you know its working.

Yes, we can do that.  There is no difference in pricing.  Just shoot us an email at and we can assist.

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Get a Local Number
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Meet Our Clients:

Primary Telecommunication Services

Cristina M.

CAP Inc.
We retired our faxes and got rid of all our expensive fax landlines. We love the added bonus of being able to store all of our faxes online
Primary Telecommunication Services

David S.

Firstline Podiatry
We use Nationwide Numbers so we can advertise local numbers in all of the areas we cover. Simple to set up and great for marketing
Primary Telecommunication Services

Mike D.

Buffalo CPR
BulletFax has saved my company hundred of dollars and having my faxes stored on my email system
let’s me share them easily.
Primary Telecommunication Services

Paul N.

Camino Carpets
BBCOMDirect toll free makes it easy and inexpensive to have my own toll free number. I'm impressed by the audio quality.