Paperless Faxing: Everything You Need To Know

Paperless Faxing Everything You Need To Know

Paperless Faxing: Everything You Need To Know

Paperless faxing is the way to go when the clock ticks and you have to get an important document or a message to a business associate or client. When you fax your document or message, there will likely be a long line at the fax machine, or it will be paper jammed because most people don’t know how to load and operate its paper tray properly.

You can receive and send faxes worldwide via the internet using advanced data encryption technology. You can also store and manage that sensitive data through a password-protected and secure cloud fax account. When there isn’t any software to download or hardware to buy, you can use your phone as a paperless office or a quasi-mobile.

Online Faxing: Explained with Advantages

Most people know about traditional fax machines; online fax machines/services are similar. You will be able to receive and send documents and messages. Afterward, you can print out verification cards to confirm whether the transmission was successful.

The main difference is that you can save money and enjoy multiple ways to receive and send faxes. This involves any operating system like Windows, IOS, and Android.

Online faxing works in similar ways to a utility bill. Just as they are calculated on how much you use and on a monthly basis, online faxing services also operate depending on these factors.

Cut Costs and Save Paper

When you fax from a printer, you will have to print out each document on paper. Buying stacks of printer paper to fax your business means you will need to waste loads of paper for your faxes.

However, with paperless faxing, you can check your faxes on your phone and then only print the ones that have to have a hard copy. This will save the papers, and you will only need to fax important documents.

Moreover, you can send the received faxes to other people or business associates electronically; you won’t have to print or scan a page. Some services even allow you to choose how many pages you want to print.

Online faxing ultimately saves pages and cuts down on costs; these are very important benefits that allow the user to help the environment while reducing costs spent on paper. Old faxing machines don’t offer these benefits and aren’t efficient either.

Safer than Email

You first need to understand that cloud faxing isn’t email; faxes are completely different than email. Regular email doesn’t have optimal security and privacy; it wasn’t designed with those two aspects in mind. Emails were designed for convenience.

However, cloud faxing was made for businesses to safely and securely receive and send sensitive data. Paperless faxing is meant to share encrypted data via the internet with the help of an electronic device.

The most important advantage paperless faxing has is that it’s more secure than email. You won’t have to worry about any safety issues, meaning you can rest easy knowing your faxes (documents that are sent and received) are encrypted and secured.

All the documents are safe when they are at rest or in transit. This way, your files remain private, and you can receive and send contracts, tax returns, invoices, and any other important document without risking your data falling into the wrong hands.

Is Online Faxing Easier?

Online faxing is considered to be a dozen times better than traditional faxing by a mile. There are only a few steps that you have to follow to fax online.

  • Check your files and which format is it saved in.
  • Open your (email) account by using your choice of web-enabled device.
  • Address your email to a particular recipient’s fax number.
  • You need to remember to attach your documents.
  • Just press send.

How Long Does It Take to Send an Online Fax?

While online faxing is considered one of the fastest ways to send a fax, it has yet to have lightning speed. Data can’t travel that fast, but the internet is one of the fastest ways to receive and send information and documents.

When you’re in the business world, you often worry about how much time it will take you to fax something. The summarized answer is that it will take a few minutes; however, the answer varies depending on many variables. For instance, if you send a fax and the recipient’s machine is busy, then it will take longer. It can also take longer when the document you sent is graphically heavier in comparison.

However, when you compare traditional faxing machines to paperless faxing, then you will see a significant speed improvement. Online faxing doesn’t have any transmission problems that are common in traditional faxing. If you have ever used conventional faxing machines, you may know that there are multitudes of problems that come with it, such as poor phone connections and slow machines.

Is Going Paperless Better?

You know how speed and efficiency matter in today’s advanced technological world. Responding to clients and addressing any important notices immediately is crucial for the success of any success, as delayed invoices and responses don’t mark a good impression for your business, and if your business delivers late responses more than once, then you will likely face difficulty finding clients.

Professionalism is a valuable trait; a business can’t succeed without it. There is much competition in every industry, and if you wish to distinguish yourself, then you need to focus on modernizing your equipment and means of communication.

Implementing paperless faxing in your system is an excellent way to modernize your communication. Not only will it leave a good impression on your prospective and current clients, but your employees will also benefit from its advantages (they will likely get their invoices sooner, which is a sure way to boost morale).

Companies with a responsive system are valued among their employees and their competition too.

Another prominent advantage to going paperless is that you will do an immense favor to the environment. Because your company won’t be using loads of paper, you will make a significant difference in the annual deforestation rate.

Bottom Line

Going paperless has many advantages, and when your company uses paperless faxing, you may note what a significant improvement it is. Using and adapting to a new system is challenging, but it will be a seamless transition, considering how straightforward online faxing is. The best way to increase efficiency is to use paperless faxing.

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