Ditch Your Landline Phone Now And Save Massive Money

Ditch Your Landline Phone Now And Save Massive Money

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, both children and the elderly. Mobile phones have become something without which many cannot imagine spending five minutes, let alone a whole day. Many of us will be hesitant to acknowledge that we are nervous when we do not have access to a cell phone. We can look for the culprit in the sense of connection with the world, family and friends, and events, among other places. People are habitual by nature, and it can be tough to break free from certain routines or objects. Strange as it may seem, one of the things that individuals become attached to is their old phone number like landline phone which every one of us had for a while.

Is it Time to Ditch Your Old Landline Phone?

It is not difficult to come to a conclusion why this is so. In the last few years, young people have rapidly replaced home phones with wireless devices (mobile phones, smartphones), while this is not the case with the elderly.

According to statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics’ 2020 National Health Interview Survey, just 2.3 percent of all houses reported having a landline alone, with a significant percentage of persons 65 and older still having their old landline phone in addition to a cellular device. In short, only 40 percent of Americans still have access to a landline. The others switched to mobile-only.

Many keep their old phone numbers even though they do not really use them. There are monthly expenses for the phone line, call waiting, voicemail, etc. They are hesitant to get rid of it because they’ve had it for so long. Many friends, family, and companies still have this number, and they do not want to miss any calls. 

They don’t have to.

Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable solution to finally move on from the so-called POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

Ditch your home phone. Save money. Always be available.

BBCOM is a well-known corporation that provides such a service to people and businesses. We will transfer your home phone number to BBCOM and redirect it to your mobile phone number. With our Local Number Anywhere solution, you can receive calls on your mobile phone anywhere in the US.

It sounds simple because it is.

Local Number Anywhere is a $9.95/month subscription service with 1,000 minutes per calendar month. Keep it for a month, a year, or as long as you like. And if you receive a new phone number or need to change your phone number, no problem, we can do it at any moment. For many families, it is a significant financial saving.

Local Number Anywhere is also a great option for businesses looking to develop a local presence in different areas. For example, you can have a local number in New York and one in San Francisco, both of which ring to your mobile Houston number.

Should You Make the Switch ?

Landlines can always have an advantage in remote regions with poor mobile phone reception, severe weather, out-of-range neighbors, or situations where 911 services may not be able to establish the exact location of a call.

But the story is different for people in situations that allow for more flexibility. Billions of unwanted calls, scams, frauds, and telemarketing calls have rung on phones in recent years. More and more customers opt-out of hearing that ring in their own house while watching television with their family.

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