Digital Faxing Vs. Traditional Faxing: Is It Time To Move On?

Digital Faxing Vs Traditional Faxing Is It Time To Move On

Digital Faxing Vs. Traditional Faxing: Is It Time To Move On?


Even now, fax machines are not uncommon in the commercial world. They are a trusted means of transmitting and receiving fax messages, but as time passes and technology advances, more possibilities become available. 

Is FAX Even Relevant in 2022?

Many Benefits of Fax:

If you wonder if faxing is still a thing in 2022, the answer is: Yes! There are several compelling arguments for the continued usage of fax. Fax is one of the most reliable methods of communication. Some businesses choose to communicate sensitive information using a hardware fax machine since it is nearly impossible for cybercriminals to compromise. Furthermore, fax is virus-free. 

Many industries, particularly those in finance, healthcare, and legal, still prefer faxing to any other method of communication because information security is critical.

Digital Faxing vs. Traditional Faxing

What is Digital Faxing?

Sending and receiving fax papers via the Internet is known as digital faxing. The procedure, also known as electronic faxing or virtual faxing, frequently incorporates paperless transactions. It also doesn’t need any special hardware or a fax machine to work.

Benefits of Digital Fax:

Aside from enhanced communication, decreased downtime, and more cost-effective solutions, digital faxing has the following advantages for your company: Cost-saving When deciding between traditional and digital faxing, price is probably the most critical factor. We may say that price impacts a lot of our decisions, both in business and in our personal life. We always attempt to get the best quality while keeping the price as low as possible. With digital fax, you get the best of both worlds: excellent quality and low cost. It’s like having the best of both worlds. There is no requirement for hardware maintenance or resupply of paper or toner. Digital fax is the clear winner for anyone who sends many faxes per month.

Amazing Faxing Speed

When we compare something analog or traditional to something digital, we expect digital and modern to be better, faster, and less expensive. The same can be said regarding the speed with which documents are faxed.

If we have a more significant number of documents to transmit, the digital method is once again the champion. 

Note: Digital Fax is instantaneous, standard fax can take several minutes

Scan the document using your mobile device’s application, attach it to your email, add the recipient’s phone number, and send. That’s it. Simple.

Digital Archive

Because all papers you send and receive are in digital format, digital faxing provides for easy digital archiving. We won’t delve into the advantages of digital archives right now but consider how much easier it is to search through a digital library accessible to everyone in the firm, as opposed to a traditional archive that takes up a lot of physical space.

High-Level Security

Digital faxing can benefit from built-in security features such as encryption. Still, with the correct precautions and discipline, paper faxes may also be safe since they are not vulnerable to hacking. Digital faxing, on the other hand, provides a high level of protection for all your papers when adequate security and procedures are in place.


Any gadget may become a fax machine with digital faxing. You may quickly send a fax using your laptop or smartphone, especially nowadays when we are always on the road or working from home. It’s pretty simple, and it can be done from anywhere. It’s also worth noting that it’s straightforward to understand, and solutions like BBCOM’s BulletFax provide all of this without the need to install any software.

Digital Faxing Vs Traditional Faxing

Digital Faxing vs. Traditional Faxing: Is it time to upgrade?

If you are looking to leave behind the legacy machine, digital faxing offers many advantages over traditional faxing methods. Here are some crucial benefits:

  1. Flexibility – With an internet connection, it is possible to access it from anywhere. Flexible and remote faxing is possible with this technology.
  2. Resources – A completely digital format that requires just the use of digital devices. Compared to traditional faxing, which requires ink, toner, paper, and maintenance, resulting in large expenditures from regular use, it is less expensive and uses fewer resources.
  3. Features – Transfers large files, sends faxes to numerous destinations, allows several users to access the same file simultaneously, and more.
  4. Scalability – To keep up with demand, you can easily acquire additional fax numbers. Traditional faxing requires you to purchase additional phone lines and equipment

BulletFax - The New Way to Fax

If you think it’s time to elevate how you do business, we may have a solution ready for you. Switching to BulletFax, our electronic fax service, may quickly decrease your current expenditures in half or more.

You will save money on fax machine repair, replacement, toner, paper, and other faxing expenditures. There will be no more paper jams, missing pages, or faxing mistakes. All of your faxes will also be available in an electronic format.

You may build up your cover page and send faxes to phone numbers from your email account, just like faxing. Automatic confirmations and fax copies will be sent to you through email. Incoming faxes are just as easy as they are kept in your inbox and maybe forwarded or downloaded.

Sign up now, and try it yourself.

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