Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

A number of situations call for a business phone line to be installed in your establishment, whether you are an up-and-rising entrepreneur or own a small-scale business.

An employee of a company might eventually decide to go on their own and open up their own business.

This business might start to gain traction in the market; however, as its business starts to take off, the employee realizes that even though its business is booming, it might still need improvement.

This is because there are many potential clients who tend to be discouraged by a personal phone number rather than a business phone number when it comes to contacting a business. A statistical study showed that nearly 60% of all consumers prefer to call Google businesses after finding them there.

This piece of information alone is enough to highlight the importance of a business phone number. However, many other reasons prove the importance of a business phone line, especially for small-scale businesses or entrepreneurs.

1. No Need to Get a New Phone

Installing a business phone line before the emergence of the internet meant that one had to acquire a separate telephone. This would be a rather tedious process, with frequent visits to the phone company office and then the wait for the technician to come over and install the phone line.

It would be financially taxing as well, as a separate phone line would mean a separate phone bill as well. In addition to that, a long-distance call would incur a separate array of charges.

However, as time went by and technology advanced, these things became a thing of the past. The invention of the voice-over-internet protocol, also known as VoIP, made life much easier for everyone looking to establish a separate business line.

The main function of this protocol software is that it provides people with an option to opt for softphones, whose purpose is to mimic the telephone, eliminating the need to install a separate phone line in the first place.

As time went by, technology was developed, which made the VoIP and the soft phone system even more convenient and easy to establish.

The invention of the cloud-based phone system allowed people to move their softphone systems onto the smartphone, which was a much more portable and convenient option.

2. Automation Made the Process Much More Convenient

Later down the line, the IVR system was developed, which provided further convenience and ease of access, both to consumers and business owners.

How the IVR system, also known as the Interactive Voice Response system, works is that it integrates an automated voice system into the business phone line.

 When the consumer calls the business number, they are met with an option to press one number in order to leave a voicemail or another number to leave a voicemail.

This system has also gone through development and advancement throughout the years, now offering an option to redirect users to a completely automated complaint registration system as well.

In order to set up an IVR system in order to make it sound more professional, an employee may hire a professional voice actor so that they may use the actor’s voice for the system in order to make it sound more professional and, in turn, attract more business.

In addition to that, there are many accessibility options that may be integrated into the system, which provide more automation to the business owner.

With the emergence of cloud-based phone systems, an entrepreneur is now able to set up their softphone app so that it forwards all of their personal calls to their business line while they are on the clock and toggle that option off when they get done.

There are many other features similar to this which aim to make an entrepreneur’s life easier. Due to the convenience of automation, an entrepreneur can tend to other business tasks and not have to worry about on-call consumer engagement.

3. Work-Life Balance Improvement

Another reason why a business line is so important for entrepreneurs and business owners is that it helps further to improve the balance between their work and business life as well.

With the development of the softphone app on smartphones, a business owner can easily tend to unexpected emergencies by simply rerouting their calls to voicemail in order to step away from work for the time being, and when they come back, they can resume things as if nothing ever happened, at the tap of a button.

In addition to that, they can also set up a schedule on their digital phone app so that this option toggles according to the work schedule they have set.

This small feature could improve an entrepreneur’s work-life balance immensely. This is because a proper schedule would enable a business owner to get into a proper workflow, which would increase in increased productivity as well.

4. Ease in Scaling Up

Scaling up is something that any successful business has to do sooner or later in order to cope with their increasing demand.

This can prove to be very tedious and can easily get out of hand if a small-scale business owner needs an organized system set up.

However, due to the ease of access a digital phone app provides, it is easy for a business owner to take their business line and scale up.


These were just some of the reasons why setting up a business line can prove to be so useful for small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs.

They certainly make a lot of aspects of their business life much more manageable, and due to the ease of access, it increases their productivity as well.

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