Where to Share Your New Business Number?

Where to Share Your New Business Number

Where to Share Your New Business Number?

When starting a new business, there are many things you have to take care of. There is paperwork, then finding the right premises for your business, and then obtaining a dedicated business number.

Acquiring a number used only for conducting business is very important for your establishment due to many reasons. A recent study conducted showed that 59% of customers prefer calling so that they get a quick answer.

This goes to show you how important a business number is for client engagement and retention. For this reason, you must get a business number as soon as possible and make sure to spread it to the right places for as many relevant responses as possible.

You can share your new number anywhere, but it is important to know where you are sharing your number as well, for maximum profit and return on investment. Here are 10 places you can share your business number for more business and increase your brand visibility in the process.

1. Your Website

The first and most obvious place should be your website because it is essential for anyone viewing your website to know where to contact you. Putting your contact information on your website would encourage people viewing your website to give you a call, increasing your client engagement.

In addition, this creates a friendly impression toward your potential customers, and a recent study showed that 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone.

The presence of your business number on the website contributes to your revenue as well. How? The more customer engagement you have, the more your conversion ratio, which will be beneficial for your overall revenue.

2. Your Email Signatures

Considering the nature of your business, you will be sending out emails pretty often. Be it promotional emails or newsletters, they are a great channel of interaction with working adults. A recent study on email marketing showed that 92% of adults online prefer to use email.

Your email functions as your online business card, with all the essential information written on it which encourages communication.

3. Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a platform that has gained a lot of traction recently in terms of conducting business and increasing your brand visibility and image. A recent study conducted in 2019 showed that 15% of Facebook users went on the social media platform to look and shop for products.

Considering the fact that billions of people frequent Facebook every day, even a small chunk of that means that millions of people are looking for business there.

This goes to show the sheer amount of business that the platform can bring to your establishment and the importance of including your business number there as well.

4. Business Directories for Your Industry

Although any kind of customer interaction is beneficial to your business, relevance is also an important factor. What this means is that no matter how much business you get, it will not matter if the nature of customer interactions is not pertaining to your business.

This is why marketing your organization and adding a business number to directories that you know will attract customers interested in your product and not miscellaneous inquiries is very important.

Advertising your business number in phone directories is a great way to increase your sales. This is due to the fact that advertising your number in a directory does not require any complex advertising budget. It is as simple as adding one number to the directory.

5. Review Websites

Review websites are oftentimes very credible sources of information because they provide an in-depth study of a business or a product. This is why adding your business number on a review website tends to bring customers especially motivated and willing to engage with your business.

In addition to that, people who visit review websites are usually looking for hidden gems. They would be more likely to invest in less known, small-scale businesses due to the fact that they are looking to try something different, which brought them to the review website in the first place.

6. Digital Assets

This world is heading towards an era dominated by technology, and during this time, everything is going digital. This time has brought about the emergence of digital marketing and assets like brochures, blog posts, etc.

A study done on digital marketing trends showed that 49% of consumers said that they preferred to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis, which shows the potential business digital marketing assets can bring.

7. Employee Resources

Another important place to mention your phone number can be on your employee material. Supplies like your business card, which is exchanged by all your employees on a daily basis, are a good way to spread the word and your number around as well.

8. Advertisements

Publishing your number on advertising platforms such as magazines and newspapers is also an effective way to increase customer engagement.

This includes billboards as well. A recent research study showed that 71% of consumers said they noticed advertisements on billboards that attracted them. This shows that billboards and other advertisement mediums are also lucrative business opportunities.

9. Promotional Material

Promotional materials like brochures and handouts are also worth publishing your business number in. This is mainly due to the fact that handouts are distributed on a monumental basis on a daily basis, which can contribute to customer interaction positively.

10. Current Customers

Notifying your current customers of the addition of a business number is also an effective way to increase brand engagement and customer loyalty as well. Word of mouth is a great source of advertising, and notifying the addition of a business number would bring in more referrals as well.


A business number is an essential addition for any up-and-coming business to establish an image of professionalism and reliability. In addition to that, this is also essential to develop a positive brand image for your organization.

Getting a business number might be as easy as registering it; however, where you want to put it is a little tricky. However, this guide may help and provide some direction as to where to begin.

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