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Quick & Easy Virtual Fax Services

Fax landlines from your local phone companies are the most expensive way to secure fax services. You can easily cut these costs by half or more by switching to BulletFax®, our electronic fax services.

In addition, you eliminate your other faxing expenses: fax machine repair, replacement, toner, paper and more.  No more paper jams, missing pages or faxing errors. You will also have an electronic copy of all your faxes.

Just like faxing, you can set up your cover page and send faxes to phone numbers from your email account. You will receive automatic confirmations and copies of your fax right on your email.  Incoming faxes are just as convenient and are saved right on your email and available to forward or download.

* 10% discount for the yearly plan

How it Works

Bring Your Own Number

No need to switch your number to take advantage of
our BulletFax services. Bring it with you and we will switch
your services quickly and seamlessly so you can retire your fax.

Get a New Number

Choose from any city in the US. We will help you
find your new number and get your BulletFax
up and running within one business day.


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Once you sign up, you will be provided with a new fax number or, if requested, you will be using your existing fax number. This number will be your contact number to receive faxes which will be pointed to email address you provided during sign up.

Email addresses can be both private company domains or public domains such as Gmail and Yahoo and any other Internet Service provider address (eg: Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon). We just ask to please be sure to white list our domain "Bulletfax.com" if you have any email filters and check your Junk Mail folder first if you do not see faxes. All faxes will be received from email address noreply@mta.bulletfax.com


To send a fax from your email you just type in the fax number you want to send the fax to (please include all eleven digits) @ send.bulletfax.com.  Please note that this must be a full valid US/Canada 11 digit number (1 + 10 digits) along with @send.bulletfax.com for example 12134892440@send.bulletfax.com

The body of the email will be used as the cover page while file attachments will be the main fax file. Once the fax is sent from your email you will receive confirmation from “FAXAGENT” indicating delivery information status such as success or failure. This email address will be auto replied from noreply@mta.bulletfax.com

If you wish to change the email address where your faxes are delivered or add a second address, please email your request to support@bbcomdirect.com

We support the following types of attachment files

  •  Image Files (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG)
  •  Adobe Acrobat Files (PDF)
  •  Microsoft Office Files (DOC, XLS, PPT)
  •  Printer File Formats (PCL, EPS, PS)
  •  Text Files (TXT, RTF, XML)
  •  Fax Cover Page Formats (FXC)

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Get A Toll Free Number


Get a Local Number
Anywhere in the US

What Our Happy Clients Say:

Primary Telecommunication Services

Cristina M.

CAP Inc.
We retired our faxes and got rid of all our expensive fax landlines. We love the added bonus of being able to store all of our faxes online
Primary Telecommunication Services

David S.

Firstline Podiatry
We use Nationwide Numbers so we can advertise local numbers in all of the areas we cover. Simple to set up and great for marketing
Primary Telecommunication Services

Mike D.

Buffalo CPR
BulletFax has saved my company hundred of dollars and having my faxes stored on my email system
let’s me share them easily.
Primary Telecommunication Services

Paul N.

Camino Carpets
BBCOMDirect toll free makes it easy and inexpensive to have my own toll free number. I'm impressed by the audio quality.