Digital Signatures and Their Validity

Digital Signatures and Their Validity

Digital Signatures and Their Validity

Digital Signatures and Their Validity

In this new technologically advanced world, the internet has taken over indefinitely. The internet has become a significant equalizer in the business industry, enabling companies to compete on an evenly leveled playing. This gives many businesses a better chance at achieving success of any size.

Additionally, as most people are able to learn the most about businesses from online blogs, they may also realize how start-ups and medium-sized businesses will stand out from well-established businesses and bigger brands by being more connected and responsive.

This isn’t to say that larger companies don’t benefit from technology and don’t take advantage of the connectivity of the internet; they also optimize their workflow and various internal processes for maximum efficiency and speed.

However, it isn’t just the internet that has changed the way businesses work. For instance, online faxing services, not just provide more efficient and faster ways to deliver and exchange documents, but they also let you communicate directly from your smartphone’s (or a tablet or a laptop) screen.

And this technology allows digital signatures to be a possibility. These signatures are a convenient way to deliver signed papers and documents that are legally valid. You can send documents to other people in different locations, which gives the company the leverage they need to stay ahead of the competition, regardless of where they are.

Overall, you don’t have to worry about a digital signature being illegal or invalid; they are in complete adherence to the law, and all States have collectively recognized the validity of digital signatures.

Should You Use A Digital Signature?

If one was to listen to conventional sayings, they tell us to utilize the convenience and vouch how they are better for our lives. And considering how it improves the work life of most businesses and employees, it is considered a true conventional statement.

Working efficiently and quickly allows the employees to be able to cater to their customers and clients. This improves the company’s productivity and encourages clients and customers to spread the word about your company.

All the benefits of technology and the internet lead to the advantages of digital signatures. Digital signatures play a significant role in the business world today.

With an online faxing service, you can easily sign your documents from your smartphone’s screen. You won’t have to visit in person or appear to confirm your identity when you are using digital signatures.

Internet faxing services will feel more helpful when various signees are situated in different locations, or there is a scheduling conflict that has slowed the process. However, you can add a digital signature to a PDF, and you won’t have to worry about any of those circumstances again.

So, in short, you should use digital signatures for efficiency and ease. You can get your work done faster and without facing any difficulty and conflict.

Digital Signature Benefits

A signature done by hand is called a “wet” signature; for these, not only do you need to show up physically, but you also need to print out your documents before you are allowed to sign them.

Moreover, you won’t have to print out many documents if you are using this signature, which allows you to conduct your business and seal deals regardless of where you are.

While there is an innumerable amount of advantages to a digital signature, the most prominent ones are listed below:

  • It keeps you connected and responsive
  • You can seal deals faster and more efficiently
  • It is a greener option- environmentally friendly since it saves paper
  • It saves time
  • Increases efficiency and responsiveness
  • Overall expedite the signing process

Is Your Digital Signature Always Acceptable?

Signing a document digitally has many benefits, and while it would be ideal for most businesses and employees to have digital signatures always be acceptable, it isn’t. You can sign many important and valuable documents; however, you can’t digitally sign trusts, wills, declarations stated under oaths, or wills. These are extremely complex matters that require a “wet” signature.

When you are using an online faxing service, end-to-end encrypted audits trails along with your finalized documents. They provide assurance and confirmation that your digital signature has been successfully reached and your contract is now complete.

Digital signatures are offered the same legal protection and validity for the documents they are applied to. These signatures are overseen by ESIGN and UETA, which doesn’t allow anyone to question their validity.

Simplifying Your Work Life with Digital Signature

Considering how beneficial and efficient digital signatures are, you should start using them in your day-to-day life in no time. Instead of the old-fashioned and traditional way of signing different documents by hand, you should pick up your tablet or smartphone and start adding digital signatures with an online faxing machine.

With the help of a digital signature, you can avail all its advantages. You can set yourself apart from the industry’s various start-ups and small businesses and distinguish yourself from your competitors without any problem.

Additionally, when you use digital signatures, you increase productivity rates and allow your employees and team to focus more on the clients and customers. When your team isn’t struggling with managing paperwork, they will be a better fit to see your customers’ and clients’ needs.

Eliminating tardiness and ineffective workflow will greatly impact the overall success of your company. You will realize that an online faxing service and digital signatures can take your productivity rates to the next level by removing the extra steps involved to ensure security. As in, when you had to visit in person to maintain security by confirming your identity, you won’t have to do that anymore.

Final Thoughts

Digital signatures have much controversy surrounding them. Most people don’t think that it’s legal or valid. However, this article is to explain that not only is it legal, but it is also very advantageous. The most prominent benefits of digital signatures are that they increase efficiency and productivity rates. With the use of this signature, you won’t have to worry about hassles such as varying locations or fluctuating schedules.

Digital Signatures Validity

Digital Signatures Validity

How Will Cloud Service Help My Small Business

How Will Cloud Service Help My Small Business?

How Will Cloud Service Help My Small Business

How Will Cloud Service Help My Small Business?

There has been a sudden growth in the cloud computing industry, which has caused many incredible benefits to start-ups and small businesses. The main benefits of cloud computing are that it significantly saves costs and increases efficiency.

However, with such fame, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about cloud computing and how it benefits small businesses. It’s understandable for people to feel weary and confused about new technology, but that is only until they learn more about it.

Moreover, there isn’t one straightforward answer to how cloud computing works. Different types of cloud computing includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). These are only a few of the many cloud computing forms on the market, and the more you learn about them, the better you will likely understand the concept more quickly.

As for the “How does it help a small business owner?” question, here is an easy way to explain how it impacts and benefits any small start-up.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow a business to expand its services while saving money. The typical expansion cost is intimidating and is the usual cause that most small businesses don’t branch out often.

For instance, virtual voice services or online paperless fax services allow businesses to take advantage of the many benefits. One of the most prominent benefits is that your business will have voice capabilities or professional faxing without paying for the PBX system or a fax machine.

Like online faxing, a small business or a start-up based in New York can quickly establish its presence in other cities such as Dublin, Toyo, or Ireland. They can expand by collaborating with an online fax provider.

It is crucial for the fax provider to have a network in the place/city you wish to establish your presence. If the fax provider doesn’t have the Tokyo or Dublin local numbers, they won’t be helpful to your company.

When you have the local numbers, your presence will be considered local too. Plus, it encourages clients to work with you because they won’t have to pay the long-distance fee, and they can connect with you more easily. Once you have established communication with the locals of a city, you won’t face trouble marking your presence among them.

Cloud Service Provider

When paying a sum for cloud services, you should ensure the cloud service provider is according to your needs and fits all your requirements. Often small companies make the wrong choice in hiring a particular provider, unintentionally, yes, but it dramatically affects their business and how they will expand in the future.

If you wish to hire a cloud service provider for your start-up, you need to think and hire them carefully not to disturb the steadiness of your business. Here are a few factors you have to consider when you are willing to hire them:

Is the Provider Service Reputable?

Finding out the answer to this can be tricky, but if you know where to look, you can find it easily. Many factors and functions make a business great, but if you want a reliable provider, ensure they have been in the business for longer than most.

The older their business is, the more experience and resources they will have; this is typically the case in almost every scenario. This is usually because they have handled more customers, had a vast range of clientele and had an overall better experience.

Another thing that significantly makes the provider reputable is its financial data. You can look at the data itself and determine for yourself whether they have a healthy standing. You first must check if the company is public or private.

Privately and publicly held providers have different approaches, and once you figure out which one your target provider is, you can navigate accordingly.

Does the Company Have Extensive Network?

This is a crucial factor when hiring a cloud service provider. If the cloud service company you hire doesn’t have an extensive network, you won’t be able to get the best out of the service, to begin with.

If the company has extensive networking, you can only take advantage of the main benefit of hiring a cloud service company, which is to expand and add another city to the radar without spending hefty sums. If the size of the cloud company is limited, your range will also stay limited.

This is a particularly negative characteristic of a cloud company. Imagine this: you are handling business in Los Angeles, and you wish to open a virtual office in the nearing area(s), but if your cloud service provider doesn’t have the network presence there, you won’t be able to. This will not only come in the way of your future success but also affect your current standing as a small business owner.

To gain the most business opportunities and take advantage of expanding your business without spending enormous costs, you have to consider how far the reach of the cloud service provider’s network goes.

Will You Be Able To Get Toll Free And Local Number?

The most important benefit of having a local fax number is that it will position your business as “connected” and “engaged” to whatever community you are marketing or providing services to.

Consequently, if you are based in Cleveland and want to do business in Los Angeles, having a fax number (with the Los Angeles area code, of course) will be excellent in the long run for your business.

You will soon be able to present yourself, and your brand as “local” and then receive faxes from different places on that fax number through your professional email address.

Final Thoughts

There is much to learn about cloud service, what it is, how it works, and how it benefits small businesses. Summarizing the length of an answer into a short one is challenging. Still, hopefully, this guide explained how there are varying benefits cloud computing has and what factors you need to consider before hiring a cloud service provider.

Best Services and Features for Online Faxing in 2023

Best Services and Features for Online Faxing in 2023

Best Services and Features for Online Faxing in 2023

Best Services and Features for Online Faxing in 2023

The comfort and portability that comes with online faxing are well-known. But have you ever thought about the less well-known features that genuinely change how you exchange and transmit documents?

It’s simple to think of internet faxing as another way to share files online, but it offers much more. Like email, you can send faxes using a variety of devices. However, internet faxing is more secure and flexible than faxing documents via conventional fax machines.

Here’s everything you need to know when using internet faxing for personal or professional purposes. Continue reading to get started.

Internet faxing: What is it?

Internet faxing is a technique for sending and receiving faxes via the internet. It is often referred to as online or cloud-based faxing. Internet protocol is used to transmit faxes rather than phone and landline networks, and users can thus access their faxes from almost any internet-capable device.

This fax service is easy to use on desktops and cell phones. Using a traditional fax machine is optional because current software allows you to send and receive faxes over the internet.

You can use internet faxing in different ways, such as mobile, fax service, API, and email. Depending on your subscription package, you can avail of faxing services and features from your online fax provider.

Benefits of Internet Faxing Services

Nearly everything is moving to the internet and cloud services due to technological improvements. It should be no surprise that today’s internet faxing solutions provide both corporations and individual users with significant advantages. Here are some benefits of using internet faxing.

Consumes Less Time and Money

Using the best web fax services, you may reduce paper waste and save money on machine maintenance. Furthermore, since you may send and receive faxes from anywhere, you no longer need to be in your place of business to do so.

It helps You Stay Organized

If you send or receive 10 pages daily, it sums up to 300 pages a month. How are you going to manage all of this paper after a year? If you don’t file it away, you’ll likely create more trash than necessary.

A better option is to use an online fax service with cloud storage to preserve all your received and sent faxes in a single location accessible from any computer or mobile device; it keeps you organized and maintained.

Availability 24/7

You can send and receive faxes through mobile fax apps any time of the day; it’ll take you a few seconds to scan a document from your phone’s camera and send it to the interested party.

No Need to Print Documents for Signing

Faxing is a great way to send documents that need signatures. Conventional methods can be time-consuming. A printed document must be signed, scanned, and sent to the recipient. You can use digital signatures with online fax to streamline this procedure and eliminate the need to print documents.

Easy Process to Setup

You can send faxes online by using a computer or a mobile phone, or a web browser connected to the internet. It’s an easy process that hardly takes a few minutes. You don’t need any technical knowledge to start over with this process.

Internet Fax Services 2023: Top Features

We have discussed various benefits of online fax services, and you must choose the correct provider to avoid overpaying. We’ve outlined a few essential elements the top internet faxing services must have to meet your needs.

Digital Signatures

One of the most useful features of internet faxing is you can sign and send legally binding documents digitally. An internet fax service that supports digital signatures is ideal if you own a business because it removes extra steps from the faxing procedure.

You can append your digital or electronic signature to the document before it is sent to the recipient. In some systems, files with handwritten signatures can be inserted right into documents. To ensure that all of your electronic papers are signed, you may upload and reuse a handwritten signature of your choice as much as necessary.

Mobile App for Faxing

Many people place a high value on the ability to conduct business while on the go. You can use a mobile app to finish your task wherever you are, whether traveling or away from the workplace. Using mobile fax apps eliminates the requirement to access a fax machine to scan and print documents physically. Most fax applications are compatible with iOS and Android, making them simple to use regardless of your preferred device.

Archive Option

Internet faxing reduces wasting paper, money, and time and the need for file cabinets. You don’t have to stock up on costly supplies like folders and boxes to keep your documents saved. Online faxing allows you to archive your files and access them whenever you need them again.

Affordable Storage Options

Online fax services provide plenty of storage at more affordable prices and are a much more powerful and convenient way to keep a record of your documents. You can get unlimited storage services for your business and record keeping.

National and International Numbers and Toll-Free Options

Your fax number says a lot about your business, you can choose a local or toll-free number for internet faxing, and each has benefits. You can reassure your customers using your local number that you are from the area and that they can trust you.

Internet Faxing Increases Productivity

Internet faxing is an ideal option to reduce expenses and increase business productivity. It is more convenient than using a traditional fax line and being linked to a conventional fax machine. While any online fax service can give value, some additional features can take your online faxing experience to the next level.

Bottom Line

For more than 10 years, BBCOMDIRECT has been the top online fax service in the world. It allows you to send and receive faxes from any location, at any time, using any device. Additionally, we provide a wide range of options, including a free mobile app, lifetime storage, and even toll-free or local numbers. You can read the opinions of thousands of happy clients by reading the reviews of our online fax services.

Building a Remote Customer Care Team Everything You Need To Know

Building a Remote Customer Care Team: Everything You Need To Know

Building a Remote Customer Care Team Everything You Need To Know

Building a Remote Customer Care Team: Everything You Need To Know

Around 86 percent of people are willing to pay for a good customer experience (CX). And around 49 percent of buyers are known to make a purchase when they receive a personalized experience. Due to these statistics, there are a large number of businesses that compete to have the best customer experience.

Your care team is the main touchpoint for the customer. Hence, it’s crucial for you to build a customer care team that will deliver an excellent customer experience.

Moreover, it’s cost-effective for companies to leverage a remote team for customer care. They will take advantage of the reduced costs, access a bigger candidate pool, and give round-the-clock support and care to customers in various time zones without any additional costs.

However, managing a remote team is challenging, especially if you wish to deliver a premium and personalized customer experience.

Common Challenges a Remote Customer Care Team (And You) May Face

They may face difficulty communicating with each other. Communication is essential, and considering sharing and discussing information is important because every team member needs to be on the same page.

Tracking each other’s progress and monitoring the results to see if anyone needs help; improves productivity.

Ensuring the team members are delivering a consistent and on-brand customer experience.

Enabling the individual members to work independently, especially if the supervisors are in different time zones.

Implementing endpoint safety measures to protect the customer’s data and information.

Here are some precise ways to improve and overcome these challenges.

Building a Functional Remote Customer Care Team: Tips

While these are tried and true methods, they will only work if you try hard to implement them in your team and they also follow through.

Start by Hiring A Team That Has A Customer-Centric Mentality

It’s a given that a customer can only have a quality experience when your remote team has good interactions with them. The interaction between the care team and the customers determines how the customer experience. Hiring a qualified team is the key to delivering a unique customer center experience.

However, hiring the proper team is challenging; you should learn about some pointers to look for when picking them.

  • The individuals should have standard soft skills like empathy, patience, the ability to read the customers, positivity, attentiveness, and communication skills.
  • They need to have technical knowledge about a general understanding of your business and your product or service.
  • They need excellent collaboration skills and a history of working virtually (it would be ideal if they had experience working in virtual teams).
  • They should be capable of thriving under flexible management.
  • Good time-management skills and self-management. They should also be motivated enough to complete their tasks on time.
  • They should have a customer-centric mentality that will drive them to think creatively and out of the box while prioritizing the delivery of premium customer experience.

Implement Could-Based Communication Along With Functional Collaboration Tools

Project management is an excellent example of a cloud-based software application. These applications increase communication and allow members to share their information and files without problems. This also acts as a cost-effective option, especially considering how the collaboration feature saves tons of money.

Moreover, a unified communication program gives the team members a more personalized interaction with the customers; they can contact the customers through phone, chat, social media, phone, etc. To have a seamless care experience, you should synchronize all the interactions in one centralized location.

Additionally, good software also allows the employees and supervisors to check and keep up with the progress regardless of being in different time zones.

It’s Best to Set up a Searchable and Centralized Knowledge Base

Typically, a customer will expect your care team to help them resolve their issues quickly. In fact, 99 percent of customers stated that interacting with knowledgeable representatives is a vital element of outstanding customer experience.

Moreover, a remote customer care team member shouldn’t walk over to the desk and ask for assistance whenever they have a question they don’t know the answer to. Because of this, you need to provide those members with adequate resources so they can resolve the queries the customers may have autonomously.

Additionally, your team needs to be capable of updating the information, adding answers, and asking questions on a daily basis. This creates a supportive environment, ensures the knowledge is up-to-date and relevant, and it also increases employee engagement.

You Should Implement Customer Care Software

A customer service software platform will allow you to manage customers’ interactions throughout the touchpoints in a particular location so that no team member can detect where the conversations left off; this improves the quality of the customer experience.

A few of the key elements to look out for in customer care software are a ticketing system, survey tools, live chatting, customer self-service, (customer) sentiment analysis, and communication capabilities. These software platforms will also allow the supervisors to oversee the metrics and customer interactions on a unified dashboard and so they won’t have to micro-manage the team members individually.

For instance, managers will see the number of calls taken and the hours worked. They will also oversee any high-priority issues, resolved issues, and tasks assigned to each team. This helps them ensure that each agent is being productive and delivering premium quality customer experience.

You Should Implement A Detailed Onboarding Process

A well-orchestrated and thorough onboarding process is especially important for getting remote workers up to date since they won’t likely have direct access to their colleagues and supervisors because of the time difference, yet they still have to make decisions autonomously.

To deliver an outstanding customer experience, your agents need to understand the internal process, operational procedures, and communication protocols so they can solve the issues adequately or so they can route the inquiries to the appropriate department.

Additionally, seeing how remote team members need to connect to your systems and have direct access to the customer information using their equipment and network, it’s crucial to ensure the security of these connections and check how private their networks are. Data breaches are costly and also negatively impact the customer experience.

Bottom Line

Caring for a customer care team doesn’t be as complicated as some people think. Once you learn and implement these tips into your system and hire the right team, you will be able to deliver a smooth and ideal customer experience.

What Makes Customers Hang Up Five Common Mistakes

What Makes Customers Hang Up: Five Common Mistakes

What Makes Customers Hang Up Five Common Mistakes

What Makes Customers Hang Up Five Common Mistakes

When the customers hang up during your conversation, it’s easy to figure out why they did that; they likely spend the last five seconds telling you what problem they had with the conversion. However, if a customer hangs up before you can speak to them, that is a different problem.

In these cases, often you can’t tell where you went wrong, understandably so. Some statistics say that around 80% of customers will likely hang up on the phone system when they feel like their call isn’t going directly to a voicemail. This means that you’re already behind if you don’t have an organic and robust phone system in your organization.

Knowing where you’re going wrong will help you navigate through various solutions or tell you if you can prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. When you establish your phone system, you avoid these common mistakes that often make the customers want to hang up.

What Makes Customers Hang Up: Five Common Mistakes

When you know about these mistakes, you will avoid them and have excellent customer service, which is quite a feat.

1) Giving Them Too Many Options: Paradox of Choice

It may seem counterintuitive, but it has the opposite effect. Often callers assume that the customer wants to be in the driver’s seat; they don’t.

When they are given too many options and choices, they tend to feel conflicted and torn in different directions. This effect is called the Paradox of Choice; this was initially popularized by Barry Schwartz, who was a renowned author.

There was a study where the shoppers were given a surprising number of garments; there were around 24 choices combined with samples.

The experiment’s result was that more choices attracted more attention, but fewer choices meant that customers were more likely to select an item and make the purchase.

How does this connect to your phone system issue? It’s similar: you risk them hanging up on you when they are presented with multiple options.

This isn’t to say that you should give them three options; you should minimize the selection. After all, you need to present your business well; however, don’t tire them by the constant call forwarding.

2) Making an Elaborate and Complicated Script

When customers call on the phone, they want to encounter a real person, not a machine. It’s important to give them the sense that they are being heard and understood.

However, when you have an elaborate and complicated script, you won’t be able to deliver that tone. Sounding like a real company can be challenging, but it’s possible.

The most common issue some companies face is that they often create scripts to sound authentic and “real.” Afterward, they often get carried away and make fancy and complex scripts.

The research found, some customers get a negative experience when they feel like they are talking to an automated machine. When customers perceive calls as unscripted, then they are more likely to stay and listen; the chances are improved by 78%.

When building a voicemail system, you need to make sure you have automated messages to guide the customers. This is the best way to avoid that complex script effect while remaining professional and authentic.

Remember to deliver the essential information to your customer but then let them move on their accord.

3) Developing a Lengthy and Constant Process of Call Forwarding

When a customer has been on a lengthy call, they will feel relief when they are switched to another line. It’s great, it keeps the customer engaged.

However, when they experience their call being passed frequently, they will start feeling frustrated because they will think their effort was futile.

The same effect happens when you design a system with a complicated overly phone system to answer customer phone calls.

While it’s crucial for the customer to receive the correct answers and appropriate responses from available experts in your facility, that doesn’t mean that you should forward them back and forth to multiple callers.

And when the customers are constantly switching back and forth, they won’t assume that you have good intentions to give the proper answers; they will only feel frustrated that they can’t get through.

4) Informal Voicemail and Unprofessional Greeting

Customers or clients with your personal contact number may feel a bit disoriented when they hear the difference between your casual and professional tone.

Regardless if you work from home, your phone system (and your voicemail) needs to have the same tone and it needs to have the same professional presence. Here are two main pointers for you to implement in your phone system.

  • Limit noise: The background noise of multiple family members doesn’t leave a good impression. But general office noise also negatively impacts the overall quality of your voicemail and its greeting.
  • Keep smiling: People often underestimate the power a smile can have on your tone. If you want to sound professional, cheerful, and positive, then you should smile while speaking on the phone.

5) Vagueness: Little Information

When you learn about the “paradox of choice” and wish to avoid the “complex script” part, you will likely feel tempted to provide little information and record a brief greeting that won’t deliver the proper message.

While there is nothing wrong with simplistic messages, your customers need to have an engaging experience to stay throughout the call. To engage your customers more, you should add a bit of character to your interactions, even in your automated responses.

As long as those additions are perceived as professional, you’re good to go. Yes, this is a minor difference that affects customer engagement too; if you aren’t seen as competent, the customer won’t likely take you seriously.

Bottom Line

When a customer hangs up during the conversation, it’s easy to figure out why they did that; in fact, they probably told you multiple times why they hung up. However, when they hang up before you get the chance to speak; it can be challenging to decipher the issue.

With this helpful guide, you can identify the issues while improving the quality of your phone system. You can attract and retain customers in no time.

Paperless Faxing Everything You Need To Know

Paperless Faxing: Everything You Need To Know

Paperless Faxing Everything You Need To Know

Paperless Faxing: Everything You Need To Know

Paperless faxing is the way to go when the clock ticks and you have to get an important document or a message to a business associate or client. When you fax your document or message, there will likely be a long line at the fax machine, or it will be paper jammed because most people don’t know how to load and operate its paper tray properly.

You can receive and send faxes worldwide via the internet using advanced data encryption technology. You can also store and manage that sensitive data through a password-protected and secure cloud fax account. When there isn’t any software to download or hardware to buy, you can use your phone as a paperless office or a quasi-mobile.

Online Faxing: Explained with Advantages

Most people know about traditional fax machines; online fax machines/services are similar. You will be able to receive and send documents and messages. Afterward, you can print out verification cards to confirm whether the transmission was successful.

The main difference is that you can save money and enjoy multiple ways to receive and send faxes. This involves any operating system like Windows, IOS, and Android.

Online faxing works in similar ways to a utility bill. Just as they are calculated on how much you use and on a monthly basis, online faxing services also operate depending on these factors.

Cut Costs and Save Paper

When you fax from a printer, you will have to print out each document on paper. Buying stacks of printer paper to fax your business means you will need to waste loads of paper for your faxes.

However, with paperless faxing, you can check your faxes on your phone and then only print the ones that have to have a hard copy. This will save the papers, and you will only need to fax important documents.

Moreover, you can send the received faxes to other people or business associates electronically; you won’t have to print or scan a page. Some services even allow you to choose how many pages you want to print.

Online faxing ultimately saves pages and cuts down on costs; these are very important benefits that allow the user to help the environment while reducing costs spent on paper. Old faxing machines don’t offer these benefits and aren’t efficient either.

Safer than Email

You first need to understand that cloud faxing isn’t email; faxes are completely different than email. Regular email doesn’t have optimal security and privacy; it wasn’t designed with those two aspects in mind. Emails were designed for convenience.

However, cloud faxing was made for businesses to safely and securely receive and send sensitive data. Paperless faxing is meant to share encrypted data via the internet with the help of an electronic device.

The most important advantage paperless faxing has is that it’s more secure than email. You won’t have to worry about any safety issues, meaning you can rest easy knowing your faxes (documents that are sent and received) are encrypted and secured.

All the documents are safe when they are at rest or in transit. This way, your files remain private, and you can receive and send contracts, tax returns, invoices, and any other important document without risking your data falling into the wrong hands.

Is Online Faxing Easier?

Online faxing is considered to be a dozen times better than traditional faxing by a mile. There are only a few steps that you have to follow to fax online.

  • Check your files and which format is it saved in.
  • Open your (email) account by using your choice of web-enabled device.
  • Address your email to a particular recipient’s fax number.
  • You need to remember to attach your documents.
  • Just press send.

How Long Does It Take to Send an Online Fax?

While online faxing is considered one of the fastest ways to send a fax, it has yet to have lightning speed. Data can’t travel that fast, but the internet is one of the fastest ways to receive and send information and documents.

When you’re in the business world, you often worry about how much time it will take you to fax something. The summarized answer is that it will take a few minutes; however, the answer varies depending on many variables. For instance, if you send a fax and the recipient’s machine is busy, then it will take longer. It can also take longer when the document you sent is graphically heavier in comparison.

However, when you compare traditional faxing machines to paperless faxing, then you will see a significant speed improvement. Online faxing doesn’t have any transmission problems that are common in traditional faxing. If you have ever used conventional faxing machines, you may know that there are multitudes of problems that come with it, such as poor phone connections and slow machines.

Is Going Paperless Better?

You know how speed and efficiency matter in today’s advanced technological world. Responding to clients and addressing any important notices immediately is crucial for the success of any success, as delayed invoices and responses don’t mark a good impression for your business, and if your business delivers late responses more than once, then you will likely face difficulty finding clients.

Professionalism is a valuable trait; a business can’t succeed without it. There is much competition in every industry, and if you wish to distinguish yourself, then you need to focus on modernizing your equipment and means of communication.

Implementing paperless faxing in your system is an excellent way to modernize your communication. Not only will it leave a good impression on your prospective and current clients, but your employees will also benefit from its advantages (they will likely get their invoices sooner, which is a sure way to boost morale).

Companies with a responsive system are valued among their employees and their competition too.

Another prominent advantage to going paperless is that you will do an immense favor to the environment. Because your company won’t be using loads of paper, you will make a significant difference in the annual deforestation rate.

Bottom Line

Going paperless has many advantages, and when your company uses paperless faxing, you may note what a significant improvement it is. Using and adapting to a new system is challenging, but it will be a seamless transition, considering how straightforward online faxing is. The best way to increase efficiency is to use paperless faxing.

Managing Distractions While Working From Home Everything You Need To Know

Managing Distractions While Working From Home: Everything You Need To Know

Managing Distractions While Working From Home Everything You Need To Know

Managing Distractions While Working From Home: Everything You Need To Know

Working from home comes with its own benefits and advantages; you can only use them when you know how to concentrate. Once you get the hang of working from home, you can easily manage it. However, unfortunately, most people struggle with focusing on their job when working from home with many distractions around them.

Managing work is challenging because there are multiple distractions causing people to divert their focus onto them instead of the task at hand. For instance, if you have pets or kids, you may likely get distracted by their noises. Children and pets often get antsy when they don’t get enough attention, but when you play with them, you neglect your work in the process.

Most people have heard of this one statistic that says a person is most likely to take around 25 minutes to refocus on their work after a distraction occurs. Regardless, distractions are caused by a multitude of factors and reasons. Let’s discuss a few of the most common distractions, how they affect your speed and which strategies work best.

How Distractions Affect Your Work From Home & Ways to Manage Them

Distractions may not seem problematic but they significantly affect your workflow and speed. If you face many drawbacks or you think your work speed got slow since you started working from home, you are likely struggling with managing the distractions around you, which subsequently affects your work.

Don’t Let Interruptions Come Between Your Work

Interruptions are a common problem when it comes to handling distractions. There was once an experiment where researchers got some volunteers and gave them each a task to handle. When given the task, the researchers also were given their phones, where they constantly kept getting phone calls and emails.

The volunteers weren’t supposed to answer any of those notifications, and while they knew that too, they couldn’t help but feel distracted throughout the job. This made them slower and affected the quality of their content.

Remember, they weren’t indulging or responding to those messages; they only knew they were getting them. The point of the experiment was to make people aware of how interruptions have a detrimental impact on the overall performance of an employee. The volunteers didn’t have to reply, yet they couldn’t focus on their work. Imagine if they were receiving emails and call that needed responses.

To conclude, interruptions aren’t just distracting; if you allow them to invade and burden your brain, then they will lower your IQ levels by 10 whole points. The researchers wanted to convey that interruptions have a detrimental impact on your overall performance.

The best way to solve this is to have an open conversation about your problem and job with your family members and housemates. Create a chart or a sign using any term; it can be “busy,” “in a meeting,” or something as straightforward as “not now.”

Using these signs, you can communicate how you’re busy and working and don’t want to be disturbed. Once you establish a boundary, you can focus on your task more efficiently, and the people in your house won’t text or contact your phone and create any interruptions that may get in the way of your workflow.  

Don’t Switch Between Multiple Tasks; They Will Drain More Energy

A study at the University of Minnesota discovered “attention residue.” This term is used to define the delay in your attention span that occurs when you switch between one task and another.

Many people assume they can handle multi-tasking; however, it’s more challenging than it sounds. Often people struggle with keeping up with multiple tasks at the same time.

The mental capacity to switch gears quickly is less efficient than one may think. The brain takes more energy and requires a stronger attention span. This leads to different intriguing conclusions, one of which is that the people who indulge in extreme multi-tasking in media struggle between switching tasks worse than people who don’t multitask.

This is to say that people who don’t multi-task have a powerful mental capacity and usually have a stronger attention span.

This means that people need to consider asking themselves questions about their multi-tasking habits:

  • Are they capable of multi-tasking, and can they do it often?
  • How long do they take to switch their attention?
  • Do they often put off specific tasks because they require more attention?
  • Will they benefit more from using their attention on a single task?
  • Where can they combine their concentration and multi-tasking skills?

When someone asks themselves these questions, they will be able to recognize their habits and whether their work is leading them to lose concentration. So, it’s best to think again before assuming that multi-tasking is beneficial in all cases. When your speed gets affected, then it defeats the whole purpose of multi-tasking in the first place.

You First Need to Focus on Difficult Projects; it’s Called Cognitive Fixation

There is a term called “cognitive fixation.” If you are often multi-tasking, you may notice how the first activity of the day often receives the most effort. Therefore, it’s best to finish the difficult projects/tasks initially. It’s also proven that the first attempted project is often the one you retain the most information about.

This shows that it’s best if you handle your toughest projects first because you will likely remember them the most and use the most effort. Then throughout the day, you can focus on other more menial tasks.

Some people believe that your work speed may even improve. This usually happens because once you’re done with a difficult project, you won’t have a psychological burden on your mind.

When the burden is alleviated, you can easily focus on the simpler tasks without worrying about a tough project hanging over your head.

Final Thoughts

Working from home can have many advantages, but you can only benefit once you can manage the distractions. When you have a handle on managing distractions and interruptions, you won’t be late or slow, and you will be able to easily tackle all the challenges (that come with working from home) easily.

Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

Business Phone Line is a Godsend for Small Businesses

A number of situations call for a business phone line to be installed in your establishment, whether you are an up-and-rising entrepreneur or own a small-scale business.

An employee of a company might eventually decide to go on their own and open up their own business.

This business might start to gain traction in the market; however, as its business starts to take off, the employee realizes that even though its business is booming, it might still need improvement.

This is because there are many potential clients who tend to be discouraged by a personal phone number rather than a business phone number when it comes to contacting a business. A statistical study showed that nearly 60% of all consumers prefer to call Google businesses after finding them there.

This piece of information alone is enough to highlight the importance of a business phone number. However, many other reasons prove the importance of a business phone line, especially for small-scale businesses or entrepreneurs.

1. No Need to Get a New Phone

Installing a business phone line before the emergence of the internet meant that one had to acquire a separate telephone. This would be a rather tedious process, with frequent visits to the phone company office and then the wait for the technician to come over and install the phone line.

It would be financially taxing as well, as a separate phone line would mean a separate phone bill as well. In addition to that, a long-distance call would incur a separate array of charges.

However, as time went by and technology advanced, these things became a thing of the past. The invention of the voice-over-internet protocol, also known as VoIP, made life much easier for everyone looking to establish a separate business line.

The main function of this protocol software is that it provides people with an option to opt for softphones, whose purpose is to mimic the telephone, eliminating the need to install a separate phone line in the first place.

As time went by, technology was developed, which made the VoIP and the soft phone system even more convenient and easy to establish.

The invention of the cloud-based phone system allowed people to move their softphone systems onto the smartphone, which was a much more portable and convenient option.

2. Automation Made the Process Much More Convenient

Later down the line, the IVR system was developed, which provided further convenience and ease of access, both to consumers and business owners.

How the IVR system, also known as the Interactive Voice Response system, works is that it integrates an automated voice system into the business phone line.

 When the consumer calls the business number, they are met with an option to press one number in order to leave a voicemail or another number to leave a voicemail.

This system has also gone through development and advancement throughout the years, now offering an option to redirect users to a completely automated complaint registration system as well.

In order to set up an IVR system in order to make it sound more professional, an employee may hire a professional voice actor so that they may use the actor’s voice for the system in order to make it sound more professional and, in turn, attract more business.

In addition to that, there are many accessibility options that may be integrated into the system, which provide more automation to the business owner.

With the emergence of cloud-based phone systems, an entrepreneur is now able to set up their softphone app so that it forwards all of their personal calls to their business line while they are on the clock and toggle that option off when they get done.

There are many other features similar to this which aim to make an entrepreneur’s life easier. Due to the convenience of automation, an entrepreneur can tend to other business tasks and not have to worry about on-call consumer engagement.

3. Work-Life Balance Improvement

Another reason why a business line is so important for entrepreneurs and business owners is that it helps further to improve the balance between their work and business life as well.

With the development of the softphone app on smartphones, a business owner can easily tend to unexpected emergencies by simply rerouting their calls to voicemail in order to step away from work for the time being, and when they come back, they can resume things as if nothing ever happened, at the tap of a button.

In addition to that, they can also set up a schedule on their digital phone app so that this option toggles according to the work schedule they have set.

This small feature could improve an entrepreneur’s work-life balance immensely. This is because a proper schedule would enable a business owner to get into a proper workflow, which would increase in increased productivity as well.

4. Ease in Scaling Up

Scaling up is something that any successful business has to do sooner or later in order to cope with their increasing demand.

This can prove to be very tedious and can easily get out of hand if a small-scale business owner needs an organized system set up.

However, due to the ease of access a digital phone app provides, it is easy for a business owner to take their business line and scale up.


These were just some of the reasons why setting up a business line can prove to be so useful for small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs.

They certainly make a lot of aspects of their business life much more manageable, and due to the ease of access, it increases their productivity as well.

The Evolution of the Fax Machine Through Time

The Evolution of the Fax Machine Through Time

The Evolution of the Fax Machine Through Time

The Evolution of the Fax Machine Through Time

Fax machines have existed for a lot of years now, but are still considered to be one of the most cumbersome methods of file transfer.  Why is that? This is because using an old fax machine has become very outdated and is considered to be very time consuming as well.

The main reason why fax machines are considered to be so outdated is because of how they work. Imagine that you have to send your documents to the office through the fax machine. Firstly, you have to set up the machine which is a very tedious process in itself.

Now that somehow you have set up the fax machine and are sending the fax, all the pages of the document have to be sent in one go, otherwise you will have to do the whole thing again. This means that if the paperwork consists of 3 pages, then all three pages should have gone through, otherwise you have to send the fax all over again.

This is one of the reasons why we consider fax to be so outdated and unfavorable in any situation. To better understand fax, let’s take a look at its role and significance throughout history.

How it Began

The earliest traces of fax can be traced back to 1842 when Alexander Bain invented the fax machine as a way to send messages. How it worked back then, was that the messages were printed onto a metallic surface and were sent in that manner.

However, the introduction of the fax was not exactly smooth sailing. When launched, it was initially deemed as a failure and Bain had to engage in a number of legal battles due to his patent being similar to some other inventions.

As the years went by, however, government agencies and other organizations started to understand the significance behind this facsimile technology and understood its worth.

The military started to understand that this way of sending information could prove to be very useful when sending over documents or transmitting sensitive information to the front lines in a secure manner. Because of this, the fax machine’s reputation started to change from its previously gained title of being a failure.

The fact that you could send over sensitive information faster than any other method of information transmission at that time proved to be invaluable for the military and newspaper companies alike. Due to the nature of how faxing worked, the information sent over was proven to be protected from any interference from any third party, which was an added benefit to them.

By the latter half of the 1970s, faxing technology started to embed itself into the corporate world. Fax machines became a norm in almost every large-scale corporation and faxing became a common way to send over paperwork and other important documents.

Fax Machine’s Rise to Fame

It was by the 20th century that faxing started to become widespread and that faxing became the norm not only throughout businesses but in daily life as well. As faxing begin to gain traction, their prices started to get slashed as well, and fax machines became affordable for the general public as well.

By the early 1980s, faxing spread like wildfire and a fax machine was available in every household and shop, and there came a time that more machines were in homes than in large organizations.

However, it was only for a few years that faxing was in the limelight, as by the 2000s, things started to change with certain inventions coming into light.

Around the 90s, the landline was invented, and that completely revolutionized communication as we know it. Landlines started to emerge in a number of households as time went by, and they became the primary source of communication as the years progressed.

Households started to steer away from faxing but it was still considered an official channel of communications in a lot of organizations, and other sectors of business including the healthcare sector as well. This was mainly due to the fact that faxing provided a very secure channel for sending sensitive paperwork over and adhered to certain privacy policies as well.

However, as time went by, the existence of faxing diminished in the business world as well. This was largely due to the invention of the internet which provided much more options of communication including the introduction of email or other document transfer services which became the new alternative to fax.

Faxing Nowadays

Around 2010, internet faxing was introduced, and it revolutionized this channel of communication. During this time, the concept of cloud technology and cloud-based sharing was beneficial to a lot of the public, and not just businesses and organizations.

This was due to the fact that fax machines were no longer a necessity in order to send faxes over, and the same could be done through cloud-based servers as time went on, fax sending switched over from machines to the internet and various fax apps which were created keeping this in mind.

However, this innovation did not result in the complete eradication of fax machines from society. There are places where a reliable, fast internet connection is not possible all the time. Additionally, many public firms and businesses like law firms, advertisement agencies, and many other small-scale organizations rely on physical forms of paperwork due to the nature of their businesses.


As the years went by, the use of fax machines and the concept of faxing slowly diminished, and now the use of faxing is only a portion of what it was in its glory days. However, traces of this sort of communication still exist, and faxing is a mode of file transmission which is actively used in a lot of organizations.

Where to Share Your New Business Number

Where to Share Your New Business Number?

Where to Share Your New Business Number

Where to Share Your New Business Number?

When starting a new business, there are many things you have to take care of. There is paperwork, then finding the right premises for your business, and then obtaining a dedicated business number.

Acquiring a number used only for conducting business is very important for your establishment due to many reasons. A recent study conducted showed that 59% of customers prefer calling so that they get a quick answer.

This goes to show you how important a business number is for client engagement and retention. For this reason, you must get a business number as soon as possible and make sure to spread it to the right places for as many relevant responses as possible.

You can share your new number anywhere, but it is important to know where you are sharing your number as well, for maximum profit and return on investment. Here are 10 places you can share your business number for more business and increase your brand visibility in the process.

1. Your Website

The first and most obvious place should be your website because it is essential for anyone viewing your website to know where to contact you. Putting your contact information on your website would encourage people viewing your website to give you a call, increasing your client engagement.

In addition, this creates a friendly impression toward your potential customers, and a recent study showed that 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone.

The presence of your business number on the website contributes to your revenue as well. How? The more customer engagement you have, the more your conversion ratio, which will be beneficial for your overall revenue.

2. Your Email Signatures

Considering the nature of your business, you will be sending out emails pretty often. Be it promotional emails or newsletters, they are a great channel of interaction with working adults. A recent study on email marketing showed that 92% of adults online prefer to use email.

Your email functions as your online business card, with all the essential information written on it which encourages communication.

3. Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a platform that has gained a lot of traction recently in terms of conducting business and increasing your brand visibility and image. A recent study conducted in 2019 showed that 15% of Facebook users went on the social media platform to look and shop for products.

Considering the fact that billions of people frequent Facebook every day, even a small chunk of that means that millions of people are looking for business there.

This goes to show the sheer amount of business that the platform can bring to your establishment and the importance of including your business number there as well.

4. Business Directories for Your Industry

Although any kind of customer interaction is beneficial to your business, relevance is also an important factor. What this means is that no matter how much business you get, it will not matter if the nature of customer interactions is not pertaining to your business.

This is why marketing your organization and adding a business number to directories that you know will attract customers interested in your product and not miscellaneous inquiries is very important.

Advertising your business number in phone directories is a great way to increase your sales. This is due to the fact that advertising your number in a directory does not require any complex advertising budget. It is as simple as adding one number to the directory.

5. Review Websites

Review websites are oftentimes very credible sources of information because they provide an in-depth study of a business or a product. This is why adding your business number on a review website tends to bring customers especially motivated and willing to engage with your business.

In addition to that, people who visit review websites are usually looking for hidden gems. They would be more likely to invest in less known, small-scale businesses due to the fact that they are looking to try something different, which brought them to the review website in the first place.

6. Digital Assets

This world is heading towards an era dominated by technology, and during this time, everything is going digital. This time has brought about the emergence of digital marketing and assets like brochures, blog posts, etc.

A study done on digital marketing trends showed that 49% of consumers said that they preferred to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis, which shows the potential business digital marketing assets can bring.

7. Employee Resources

Another important place to mention your phone number can be on your employee material. Supplies like your business card, which is exchanged by all your employees on a daily basis, are a good way to spread the word and your number around as well.

8. Advertisements

Publishing your number on advertising platforms such as magazines and newspapers is also an effective way to increase customer engagement.

This includes billboards as well. A recent research study showed that 71% of consumers said they noticed advertisements on billboards that attracted them. This shows that billboards and other advertisement mediums are also lucrative business opportunities.

9. Promotional Material

Promotional materials like brochures and handouts are also worth publishing your business number in. This is mainly due to the fact that handouts are distributed on a monumental basis on a daily basis, which can contribute to customer interaction positively.

10. Current Customers

Notifying your current customers of the addition of a business number is also an effective way to increase brand engagement and customer loyalty as well. Word of mouth is a great source of advertising, and notifying the addition of a business number would bring in more referrals as well.


A business number is an essential addition for any up-and-coming business to establish an image of professionalism and reliability. In addition to that, this is also essential to develop a positive brand image for your organization.

Getting a business number might be as easy as registering it; however, where you want to put it is a little tricky. However, this guide may help and provide some direction as to where to begin.