A Little About Us


BBCOM started in 1997 in Los Angeles, California, and has a long history of providing several types of telecommunications services to wholesale carriers, resellers, and large business users.  As one of the original VOIP companies, BBCOM has over 25 years of experience in providing reliable, first-class telecommunication services.  We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and network quality and are the backbone provider for many companies you may possibly be securing your services from.


More recently, the company began to offer our services directly to end users and BBCOMDirect was born!  We bring with us, years of reliable service coupled with our low rates for unbeatable product offerings.  BBCOMDirect simplified things for end users with flat monthly rates, automated billing and online service management.  Our team are always available to answer any questions. 


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information at info@bbcomdirect.com

What’s Coming?

We will be launching our new Audio, Video and
Webinar services through Webby by 3Q-2022.
Keep up to date at www.webby.live

Company History

Curious about our long history in the wholesale
industry & our current wholesale services?
Check out our wholesale site at