Primary Telecom Services

Simple and Affordable


Ditch your Home Phone
But keep the number and forward to your mobile


Get A Nation Wide
Toll Free Number


Send & Receive Fax
on Your Email

Meet Our Clients:

Primary Telecommunication Services

Cristina M.

Cal Asset Portfolio
We retired our faxes and got rid of all our expensive fax landlines. We love the added bonus of being able to store all of our faxes online
Primary Telecommunication Services

David S.

Firstline Podiatry
We use Nationwide Numbers so we can advertise local numbers in all of the areas we cover. Simple to set up and great for marketing
Primary Telecommunication Services

Mike D.

Buffalo CPR
BulletFax has saved my company hundred of dollars and having my faxes stored on my email system let’s me share them easily.
Primary Telecommunication Services

Paul N.

Camino Carpets
BBCOMDirect toll free makes it easy and inexpensive to have my own toll free number. I'm impressed by the audio quality.